10 Anime Like Rent A Girlfriend (Kanojo, Okarushimasu)

Have you finished Kanojo, Okarushimasu Season 3? And are you looking for similar animes to watch? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Here are 10 more anime like Rent A Girlfriend. I’m sure you will love them. The lists begins below.

10. Gamers!

Keita Amano is a typical high school gamer living the life of an average student. One day, he has an unexpected meeting with the cutest girl in school that makes him want to disappear without a trace!

This girl, Karen Tendou, is an exemplary student who has been proclaimed the school’s idol. She discovers that Amano is a gamer, and this newfound knowledge ignites a passionate desire within her to recruit him into the Game Club.

Similarities: Both anime has a “normal” MC, a harem, heaps of misunderstandings, and a romance plot that can make you spin if you try to keep up with it.

9. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

The infidelity of Eita Kidou’s parents not only made his family fall apart, but also made him skeptic of love. Having no intention to delve into romance, Eita devotes his entire high school life to his studies in order to become a doctor.

It did not take long for the beautiful and popular Masuzu Natsukawa to notice Eita’s apathy. Tired of being the object of people’s affection, she asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend, as she too feels disgusted at the notion of love.

8. Kakkou no Iinazuke

Nagi Umino and Erika Amano, a studious high school student and a social media star, had nothing that linked them together—until they found out they were swapped at birth.

When the sudden news is revealed to both of their families, their parents quickly devise a proposition with neither Nagi’s nor Erika’s knowledge: in order to restore them both to their rightful families and ensure everyone’s happiness, the two should get engaged.

Similarities: Both are romcoms with a center couple who tries to act like fake boyfriends and end up being real boyfriends. On the way we can see the love interests of the main character with other girls that aren´t their couple.

7. Koi to Uso

Based on a compatibility calculation, young people at the age of 16 are assigned marriage partners by the government, with severe repercussions awaiting those who disobey the arrangement.

However, spurred by his infatuation for his classmate and long-time crush, Misaki Takasaki, Yukari defies the system and confesses his love.

After some initial reluctance, Misaki reciprocates his feelings in a moment of passion. Unfortunately, before the two can further their relationship, Yukari receives his marriage notice.

Similarities: After a romantical failure, the protagonist starts dating a random person (in Koi to Uso, it is chosen by the system, whereas in Kanojo, Okarishimasu, is by paying). Eventually, the main character and his fake girlfriend start developing feelings towards each other.

6. Golden Time

Due to a tragic accident, Banri Tada is struck with amnesia, dissolving the memories of his hometown and past. However, after befriending Mitsuo Yanagisawa, he decides to move on and begin a new life at law school in Tokyo.

But just as he is beginning to adjust to his college life, the beautiful Kouko Kaga dramatically barges into Banri’s life, and their chance meeting marks the beginning of an unforgettable year.

Similarities: Both are romances involving college students. Kanojo, Okarishimasu is more of a harem, slowly introducing multiple love interests, whereas in Golden Time, who the protagonist will end up with is clear from the start.

5. Hajimete no Gal

Following a prank pulled by his friends, Junichi Hashiba asks a gal out in an attempt to change the fact that he’s a hopeless single. Yukana Yame, the girl in question, is disgusted by Junichi’s groveling.

However, through a series of teasing remarks, she soon finds herself bonding with him and ultimately accepting Junichi’s confession, much to his surprise.

Similarities: Like Chizuru, Yukana Yame of ‘My First Girlfriend Is a Gal’ hides her real self underneath a false exterior. However, while the mask that the former wears is of a sweet and charming girl, the latter seems reserved and unapproachable to others.

4. Domestic na Kanojo

Deflated by this unreachable desire, Natsuo humors his friends and attends a mixer. There he meets Rui, a girl whose lack of excitement rivals that of himself.

After bonding over their mutual awkwardness, Rui takes Natsuo to her house and asks him to have “intense” with her, hoping that the experience will stop her friends from treating her like a clueless child.

After that, he find out his father is getting married, and his step sisters are Hina and Rui Tachibana, the woman he’s in love with and the girl with whom he shared his first night.

Similarities: Both series come with multiple twists and shifting storylines that keep the viewer engaged and curious about what’s to come, and offer excellent character development and captivating narratives.

3. Kanojo mo Kanojo

Naoya Mukai is having the time of his life after his childhood friend Saki Saki finally accepts one of his countless confessions. Ensuring that their relationship will stay strong, he spares no effort in showering affection to his now beloved girlfriend.

However, one afternoon, another girl named Nagisa Minase suddenly confesses to Naoya following months of preparation. Even though he politely rejects her, Nagisa’s irresistible charm and determination continue to attract Naoya.

Similarities: Both anime are harem rom-coms. The personality of the characters and the arcs of the plot have many similarities.

2. 5-toubun no Hanayome

One day during his lunch break, Uesugi argues with a female transfer student who has claimed “his seat,” leading both of them to dislike each other.

That same day, he is presented with a golden opportunity to clear his family’s debt: a private tutoring gig for a wealthy family’s daughter, with a wage of five times the market price.

He accepts the proposal, but is horrified to discover that the client, Itsuki Nakano, is the girl he confronted earlier!

Similarities: They both have a harem and they are both funny. The MC’s are quite different though which provides variety as one is a degenerate and the other is the complete opposite.

1. Nisekoi

Raku Ichijou, a first-year student at Bonyari High School, is the sole heir to an intimidating yakuza family. Ten years ago, Raku made a promise to his childhood friend.

Now, all he has to go on is a pendant with a lock, which can only be unlocked with the key which the girl took with her when they parted.

Similarities: Both involves the same plot where guy and girl agrees to have a pretend relationship for the sake of the ones they care for.

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