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Knitting Captions & Quotes For Instagram

Knitting has become more than just a cozy hobby; it’s a way of life. Use these captions and quotes to add a bit of flair and warmth to your Instagram posts about knitting.


  1. Knitting is my happy place.
  2. Spreading love, one stitch at a time.
  3. Weekend forecast: 100% chance of knitting.
  4. Keep calm and knit on.
  5. Knit, sip, repeat.
  6. Mending the world, one thread at a time.
  7. In my yarn zone.
  8. Today’s agenda: knit.
  9. Life is better with yarn.
  10. Knitting: because adulting is hard.
  11. Hooked on yarn.
  12. Every good day starts with some knitting.
  13. Knit happens.
  14. Coffee and knitting make everything better.
  15. A day without knitting is a day wasted.
  16. Knitting away the stress.
  17. Made with love and yarn.
  18. Knitting is my therapy.
  19. One more row…
  20. Happiness is a full yarn stash.
  21. Knitting is the new yoga.
  22. Where there’s a will, there’s a way… to knit.
  23. Knitting dreams one stitch at a time.
  24. Yarn: my spirit animal.
  25. Knitting: it’s knot a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.
  26. Good things come to those who knit.
  27. Just one more stitch.
  28. Knitting: the art of patience.
  29. Creating magic with yarn.
  30. Knitting my way through life.
  31. Wool and needles: the perfect duo.
  32. Knitting: the thread that ties generations together.
  33. All you knit is love.
  34. Knit fast, die warm.
  35. Knitfulness: the art of knitting mindfulness.


  1. “Knitting is like a hug you give yourself.” – Unknown
  2. “Happiness is handmade.” – Unknown
  3. “Knitting each day keeps the doctor away.” – Unknown
  4. “Knitting is not just a hobby, it’s a post-apocalyptic life skill.” – Unknown
  5. “When life gives you yarn, make something beautiful.” – Unknown
  6. “Knitting is an extension of my heart and hands.” – Unknown
  7. “The best way to create warm memories is with yarn.” – Unknown
  8. “Knitting is my kind of meditation.” – Unknown
  9. “A knitter never quits, they just unravel and start over.” – Unknown
  10. “Life is short; make more hats.” – Unknown
  11. “Knitting soothes the soul.” – Unknown
  12. “Count your stitches and your blessings.” – Unknown
  13. “Knitting is a journey of a thousand stitches.” – Unknown
  14. “Peace, love, and yarn.” – Unknown
  15. “Knitting: where math meets art.” – Unknown
  16. “Knitting: it’s cheaper than therapy.” – Unknown
  17. “There is no wrong time to knit.” – Unknown
  18. “Knitting brings people together.” – Unknown
  19. “Knit your stress away.” – Unknown
  20. “Knitting is a work of heart.” – Unknown
  21. “Create something beautiful, one stitch at a time.” – Unknown
  22. “Knitting is a language of love.” – Unknown
  23. “Knitters gonna knit.” – Unknown
  24. “The joy of knitting is immeasurable.” – Unknown
  25. “Knitting is the gift that keeps on giving.” – Unknown
  26. “Yarn lovers are the best kind.” – Unknown
  27. “Knitting: magic you can wear.” – Unknown
  28. “Knit loudly so you can hear happiness.” – Unknown
  29. “Knitting is soul food.” – Unknown
  30. “Stitches in time save the mind.” – Unknown
  31. “Knitting: where each loop is a step closer to love.” – Unknown
  32. “Knit on with hope and love.” – Elizabeth Zimmermann
  33. “Knitting: it’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.” – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
  34. “To knit is to be an artist.” – Unknown
  35. “Knitting is a way to maintain creativity.” – Debbie Macomber
  36. “Knitting is both magical and therapeutic.” – Unknown

Whether you’re sharing your latest knitting project or simply celebrating the art of knitting, these captions and quotes are perfect for making your Instagram posts stand out. Happy knitting!