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Weekend Captions & Quotes For Instagram

Weekends are a time to unwind, relax, and share special moments with friends and family. Enhance your Instagram posts with these fun and inspiring captions and quotes about weekends!


  1. Weekend vibes only.
  2. Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!
  3. Lazy days and sunny rays.
  4. Saturdays are for adventures.
  5. Sunday funday!
  6. Do not disturb: weekend mode activated.
  7. Living for the weekend.
  8. Friends, sun, sand, and a drink in my hand.
  9. Weekends are for brunch and mimosas.
  10. Relax, refresh, recharge.
  11. Hello, weekend, I’ve missed you.
  12. Weekending like a boss.
  13. Saturday, please stay.
  14. Sunday well spent brings a week of content.
  15. Weekend, don’t leave me.
  16. Making the most of the weekend.
  17. Weekend, you’ve got my heart.
  18. Chillin’ out, maxin’, and relaxin’ all weekend long.
  19. Take the weekend off and enjoy every moment.
  20. Sunshine and weekend vibes.
  21. Weekends are for making memories.
  22. Weekend goals: coffee, relaxation, and fun.
  23. Staycation vibes.
  24. The best moments are made on the weekend.
  25. Here’s to the good times and tan lines.
  26. Weekend forecast: 100% chance of fun.
  27. Bringing the fun to the weekend.
  28. Enjoying this weekend glow.
  29. Weekends are the best escapes.
  30. Me + weekend = love.
  31. Weekend fuel: coffee and adventures.
  32. Making the most of this Saturday.
  33. Weekends are for wandering.
  34. Feeling like a weekend warrior.
  35. Unplugged and in weekend mode.


  1. “The only happy end that I know: it’s the weekend.” – Unknown
  2. “Weekends are for savoring the small joys of life.” – Unknown
  3. “Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.” – Unknown
  4. “The weekend is here, let’s roll!” – Unknown
  5. “A weekend wasted isn’t a wasted weekend.” – Unknown
  6. “It’s the weekend. Enjoy every second of it.” – Unknown
  7. “No weekend, all weakened.” – Toba Beta
  8. “Sundays are for snuggles.” – Unknown
  9. “The weekend is a time for yourself.” – Unknown
  10. “Every day is a gift. But some days are packaged better.” – Sanhita Baruah
  11. “There’s no better feeling than the feeling of a Friday.” – Unknown
  12. “Weekends remind me of rainbows. They look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” – John Shirley
  13. “Smile. It’s Saturday.” – Unknown
  14. “Saturday, what’s it like knowing every other day of the week pales in comparison to you?” – Unknown
  15. “Happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book on a weekend.” – Unknown
  16. “Hands up if you’re ready to do something you’ll regret this weekend. Go forth! You have my blessing.” – Florence Welch
  17. “It’s the weekend. Please, don’t interrupt me while I am busy doing nothing.” – Unknown
  18. “Time to drink champagne and dance on the table. It’s the weekend!” – Unknown
  19. “Saturdays are for adventures, Sundays are for cuddling.” – Unknown
  20. “On Saturdays, we wear pajamas.” – Unknown
  21. “A wild and crazy weekend involves sitting on the front porch, smoking a cigar, reading a book.” – Robert M. Gates
  22. “There are not enough days in the weekend.” – Rod Schmidt
  23. “Enjoy every bit of today, pretend you’re on holiday.” – Unknown
  24. “Dear Saturday, you are my favorite.” – Unknown
  25. “Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.” – Joseph Addison
  26. “Life is a wretched gray Saturday, but it has to be lived through.” – Anthony Burgess
  27. “The weekend is a blessing. Thank you Lord, for getting us through this week.” – Unknown
  28. “Life is better in flip flops and weekends.” – Unknown
  29. “Saturdays, big shirts, messy hair, music, & coffee.” – Unknown
  30. “Weekends are days to refuel your soul and to be grateful for the blessings that you have.” – Unknown
  31. “Happy weekend! Smile and be happy!” – Unknown
  32. “It’s not Saturday, it’s Satur-yay.” – Unknown
  33. “Make your weekend shine with smile and happiness.” – Unknown
  34. “Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.” – Unknown
  35. “Sleep till you’re hungry then eat till you sleep.” – Unknown

Whether you’re chilling at home, going on an adventure, or simply spending time with loved ones, these captions and quotes are perfect for capturing and sharing your weekend moments on Instagram.